Saturday, 25 Sep 2021

Revival of an athlete’s career

It is widely known that when an athlete ages, the hips give in and this serves as an indicator to get the hips replaced by the best orthopedic doctor in Dubai.

Increasing awareness: There have been multiple cases of players particularly in tennis having their hips replaced due to injuries. A hip injury occurs when the tennis player uses their hips excessively while playing. A team of orthopedics and physiotherapist need to ensure the players to use less of their hips by relying on different muscles to hit the shots.

Surgery as a last option: Before jumping right away into orthopedic surgery, players have other options to choose from. One such option is to hire a renowned physiotherapists who do an excellent job of massaging the hips, stretching the relevant muscles connected to the hips and rotate the hips in various directions in order to make it less stiff and more flexible. Physiotherapists would make the player lift weights to strengthen their lower body in a way when playing there is a less amount of toll being placed on the hips. If rehabilitation does not go well then the player would be advised to opt for a hip replacement surgery. While replacing the hip with an implanted hip can work wonders but that too only in the shorter run as  implanted hips wither away due to the player’s level of play in a tennis match.

Good support team: It is understandable that a tennis player could turn out be a different person from a mental perspective post surgery. There are a number of factors that affect their mental state of mind. Tennis players who are passionate about the game can find it to grasp that they would be bedridden for a period of time. Professional tennis players might be more mentally disturbed due to the money factor and their whole life revolves around tennis. Then there is the question of spending time off the court during the phase of “rehab”. It is important to bear in mind that players do not have much to do apart from holding the racquet. Watching fellow players compete on the big stage can lower the level of their self confidence and self esteem. It is of great importance that players attend sessions with a psychiatrist and gain support from close family and friends.

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