Friday, 23 Jul 2021


Photography is a good profession to do for your career. If you have a desire and passion to choose this field for your career, read here the tips which you must consider before going into it.

Most of the people have in their minds that if the work is nicely done in the form of picture than the picture can be sale itself. This is not the right approach because nothing is sold itself. You have to make some good efforts in order to sale the picture.

Keep in your mind that no one want to know that which camera is used and what its mega pixels etc. but what people want, they want good quality work only that satisfy them. So, don’t waste your effort to the wrong side and focus only on quality of work. For instance, you don’t want to hear how car mechanic repair car you want from him to repair as per your desire.

Choose the specific or niche for your work. Initially, people do all the things like traveling photography, wedding photography, underwater photography, aerial photography, sports photography, photojournalism photography, candid photography, fashion photography, etc., this make dispersion of concentration which leads to unfocused and low quality work. These days food photography is getting popularity due to its demand and best food photographers are there in the industry.

One another point to consider is that first, understand the client requirements. If you don’t properly understand the requirement then you can not get customer satisfaction. You have to understand what customer need from you. In this way, you can easily focus on right things and you can produce some finest satisfactory work for your valued client.

Make some efforts to find out your target audience. In this way, you may understand your audience and you become to know that what equipment you need? That saves your time and money. Find out your competitors and try to understand their work quality in order to produce same or better quality work. This competitive or differential advantage makes your business more profitable.

Always make proper inventory of your precious photo collection. Make inventory in category wise like portraits, pets, children, landscape, wedding, sports, glamor etc. that brings progress in your work that you can understand by comparing the previous and current work. You also understand yourself that in which category you are progressing or not.