Saturday, 25 Sep 2021

Surprising facts about Acai bowl

There are many coffee shops which are also providing the breakfast options early in the morning for the people who do not want to make their own breakfast at home or if they are running late from their work and just want to grab readymade food from the coffee shop. Some of these shops are Acai bowl café which provide best acai bowl in breakfast or as the evening snacks. Most the people think that they can have these acai bowls form the best coffee shops in Dubai but the fact is that you can also make this at your home too. It is s bitt difficult to find acai as fresh because this fruit is highly perishable but you can get this in form of preserved food as in tin packs. They are available as whole fruit in tin or you can also get this in puree form. Acai is a type of berry which is grown in few regions and then preserved and packed for export purpose.

After getting the preserved acai you can now make your own acai bowl which is a kind of smoothie. If you ever had this acai bowl in any coffee shop then you will better know about the thickness and consistency of this smoothie. If you never tasted it and want to make this at home then it is highly to taste it first from any well reputed coffee shop to get the idea about its different aspects. Because you have to add a certain amount of milk in it which will then makes it more delicious. You can also add some other fruits in it in order to enhance the taste and make it creamier. These fruits include banana, mango, strawberries or any other soft fruit which you like more.

If you are worried about the recipe of these delicious acai bowls then you do not need to worry because we are here to help you. In order to make a good acai bowl you just have to mix all the fruits of your choice along with the preserved acai in a processor add some milk and blend them well until it becomes a creamy mixture. You can also add a little amount of sugar or honey in it if you want additional sweetness.